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 Hundred's of Everyday AND Survival Uses...

  • ​Hex wrench
  • ​Wire splicing
  • ​Make fish hooks
  • Shred bark for tinder
  • ​Splice wire
  • ​Screwdriver
  • ​Vehicle rescue
  • ​Map reading
  • ​Camping
  • ​Ruler
  • Letter opener​
  • ​Hot wire a car
  • ​Tourniquet
  • ​​Signal for help
  • And much more!

Detachable Money Clip

Limited Edition Design

Exclusively From Prepared Patriot

Here's What Our Customer's Are Saying:

Top Review 
"Like to use it to adjust my sights at the range." - Ram
I'm always on the look out for compact items that make life easier. Real solid, patriot design. The real seller for me was the bonus material on how to use it. I posted a video going over the tool and bonus materials.

"I Use It To Take Apart My AK" - Brian P.
I'm an AK guy so I keep the Patriot Tool at my work bench to use as leverage in between those hard angles when I take my rifle apart.  I don't use it as a money clip but it came with one. The American flag design is badass and goes well with. looks good with my guns so I like to keep it with them.

"Most useful Multi-tool I've ever used" - Will H.
A very handy item to have in the wallet. The can opener and cable bender feature caught my eye the most. Surprisingly, the eyeglass screwdriver works like a charm. The mail opener works well too. The tool fits perfectly in the provided sleeve with two other cards easily. The metal is quite sturdy. Overall this product is worth the price.

"Beautiful stainless steel, ships fast via USPS" - Brian P.
Extremely sturdy for how thin it is. Doesn’t feel any different in my wallet, and I find myself using the tool every now and then. It’s a nice touch when you need one of the many tools like a box cutter, bottle opener, or screw driver. The build quality is excellent and extremely durable, and it’s not too heavy. It’s not for everyone as not everyone will make good use of it, but it’s a good gift for men.

"Quality & unique gift" - Cole M.
This will be a great gift! I opened them to see if wanted to give them the package was impressive, but there quality is equally so. I accidentally ran over one in my power wheelchair (300+ with me in it) and it was in touched, I can’t say that about many things I have run over. I am very happy with this gift to give.

"Handy and slick" - Christian C.
Very slick design and handy. Looks cool to use and serves multi-purpose. Worth the price and would definitely recommend buying this product.

"Great little tool!" - Randy L.
I bought it because I've been looking for a slim wallet and something like this to keep in there in case I ever need something on it. The M2 hex works for 1/4 bits, in case you need to drive a screw or whatever and you have bits but no handle for some reason. the money clip seems durable and actually holds quite a bit. I keep the tool in the provided sleeve and have my drivers license, 3 bank cards and 2 gift cards in it with room to spare. I could definitely fit 1-2 more cards if needed. Can always slide 1-2 in with the provided pouch/sleeve as well. It's barely noticeable in the front pocket of my work pants chinos. I imagine it will be good for opening cans as well. The metal is strong. and seems like it could take a beating.

 This is a limited time offer...

Here's a recap of everything you're going to get today:

  • Limited Edition 46 in 1 Patriot Tool ($25 Value)- Cut, tighten, measure, open, loosen, fix, break, store and so much more!
  • Money Clip Add On  - carry cash, credit cards, I.D. and more!
  • Storage Pouch - conveniently store it when not in use or in your wallet

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We 100% Guarantee you will love this Limited Edition Patriot Tool.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just contact our Prepared Patriot Support Team and we will issue you a full refund no questions asked.  No strings attached.

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